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OLIVIA IN HISTORY // Not just your grandmother's pastime

OLIVIA IN HISTORY // Not just your grandmother's pastime
A brief history and some rad photos.
1. the art of creating and producing raised designs or motifs on
woven fabrics, paper, or plastic and, in rare instances, on knitted fabrics.
Like the 87 year old in all of us, embroidery is an old soul. The form of art appeared
way back (waaaay back) in Cro-Magnon fossils dating back as early as 30,000 BCE.
Embroidery later appeared in China in 3500 BCE, and then again during the
Iron Age as early as 2500 BCE. Basically, embroidery is a stubborn old lady.
A long, long time later (but still way waaaay back) in the 1500's, embroidery became popular in Europe, and then grew all over the world. In many cultures, the art was associated with wealth, because, you know, these hand-made things take time.
In the 19th century the innovation of Berlin wool (like the adult version of color by numbers)
allowed embroidery to gain popularity among the lower class and domestics.
Because of its speed and cost, most of the embroidery you see today is machine made.
In present day, embroidery is seen as a creative outlet and a form of expression.
(not that humans weren't creative back then either).
We love us some unusual, spectacular and just plain beautiful forms of expression.
Find here some of our favorites and click through to find the amazingly cool artists
behind each photograph (if they hadn't gone incognito).
If you're a history buff or just can't get enough of embroidery, you can find
more information here and here.
Now go on, get your trendy, on-point (pun intended) embroidery on.



La creatividad es hermosa !! te felicito por tu trabajo !!!.

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