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WEDDING INSPO // The top 10 best wedding guests (Hint: they aren't human)

WEDDING INSPO // The top 10 best wedding guests (Hint: they aren't human)


Why have a best man when you can have a best dog? A baby lamb instead of a flower girl? A ring bearing owl instead of a ring bearing boy?

I don't know about you but I treat my pet friends very seriously. When the day comes, I know I will be going down the isle with my best friend at my side Sophie Gamand style. If it was all entirely possible, my wedding would be a depiction of "The Circle of Life" in The Lion King. 

Take a look at some of the best dressed, best behaved and most photogenic wedding guests you will ever lay your eyes on. 

1) Majestic horses add a little class to your wedding inspiration via Tracey Bruyce.

2) Pups in flower wreaths are always a good idea. Plus, view the most darling family portrait of the bride, groom and their two dog friends via Tiffany Medrano.

3) Scared-y cats make for adorable shots via Volodymyr Ivash

4) Hey, as long as you don't mind some attention being taken away from you... via Sonya Khegay

5) I would get married just to hold a baby goat. Via Angel Wings 

6) Why hold a bouquet when you could hold a chicken? This bride loved her bird friend.

7) This wedding had a real owl as a ring bearer.

8) The sweetest little donkey you ever did see via Hello May.

9) When you have the chance to frolicking in a meadow in a beautiful dress with a little lamb
in a flower wreath, you take that opportunity. Via Weber Photography

10) A little llama love on your wedding day. P.S. who knew llamas could look so cute in floral?
Via Green Wedding Shoes

And just as a bonus: our love for Tumblr blogs just grew a little more with Brides Throwing Cats.



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