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Way before we were engaged, Dan asked me a question: "If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?" Before he finished, my answer was Japan. Right after he proposed he told me ha had two first class tickets to Narita in case I was still interested. Of course I was! 


I was beyond happy to be there... specially with Dan. He's the best travel partner ever! Men, we had a blast.

Husband in garden in a Kyoto Temple.


It was a long long honeymoon. We spent two weeks in Japan and then a month travelling through China. Our favourite part of travelling is the whole cultural experience: food, language, history, etc. It's important that you and your partner have a honeymoon you'll both enjoy.  


Maikos wearing beautiful kimonos in the Gion neighbourhood in Kyoto.

Public market in Kyoto.

Graveyard in Kyoto.

The food quality standards are so high that almost everywhere you eat is going to be great. I recommend having an adventurous attitude towards food. The best meals we had were those when we got to a hidden restaurant, sometimes on a 5th floor in a building and without looking at the menu (wasn't in english anyways) we would just ask the chef to bring us anything he wanted. 

Sushi bar in Tokyo. Can't go wrong with sushi in Japan!

Candy Store in Tokyo, Japan.

Laputa giant sculpture at Studio Ghibli.

Omotesando Hills in Shibuya, Tokyo

Street in Tokyo.

Sumo tournament in Tokyo, Japan.


The Sumo tournament was so interesting and fun! Tokyo was my favourite, still is, but aside from Tokyo and Kyoto we went to a lovely place in between called Takayama. It's famous for their amazing mountainous landscapes and their onsen (hot springs) It retains a traditional japanese touch and it has a beautifully preserved old town.

Takayama old town.

Woods close to a hot spring in Takayama.


Starting this year, Olivia was available at Isetan, Japan's most exclusive and department store, famous for featuring new trend setting designers. They opened a bridal saloon at their emblematic Shinjuku branch and contacted us last year to include us in their collection. This was a dream came true. I love Japan and I spend a good part of my honemoon at Isetan Shinjuku. Hopefully I'll be there on april next year. It would be thrilling to visit Isetan Bride and help japanese brides choose the perfect Olivia headpiece for their wedding.




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