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As you know, our brand is represented by Olivia, the wolf. This is to celebrate elegance, beauty and fearlessness.  We are inspired by people who live their lives in a courageous, fearless and fabulous way sometimes paying a high price for being brave and true to themselves.  This is the case of the fabulousIsabella Blow. She led a very tragic yet interesting life wearing a hat for the most part. no wonder why she was Philip Treacy's muse.
The hat is a means to an end, a marriage contract. It’s everything. It’s a sensual thing – the idea of catching somebody like a spider in a web. It’s the old fashioned cock-and-hen story, the mating dance. Men love hats. They love it because it’s something they have to take off in order to **** you. Anyone can wear a hat.
— Isabella on hats.


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