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Neon signs are pretty rad! Specially when incorporated with cool interior design. Here are our top picks including our own.
Neon by Penny Farthing Design House.
This here is own own neon sign placed over a wall of greenery in our showroom. Some people were a little skeptical about making such a statement in a wedding accessories studio but to me it just felt right and I love the results. Just because it's bridal doesn't has to be all traditional and classic. More and more brides are enjoying a cooler, fresher approach to the whole wedding planning process.
Interior Design Show exhibition by Toronto based Mason Studio. Our Home And Native Land features talents of local artisans, wood, leather and ceramics crafted to demonstrate the versatility of indigenous Canadian materials at all stages of their lifecycle. 
Just a lil somthin' via The Design Files. // 
Mixing modern and rustic viaThe Glitter Guide.

Apartment of  fashion icon Isabella Blow.


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