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So we showed at the Pier 94 last weekend for the NY International Bridal Week a.k.a Bridal Market, and it was a great success! I can't wait to share our new retailers with you. Soon our pieces will be available in stores in U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Chile and the UK. 

This is our booth back wall. We used fresh ivy branches and a pink wolf vinyl sign in the centre.

For displaying we used pegboard walls which I was so worried about! It was our first time and if this didn't work the way I pictured in my head, it would look like a cheap garage. In the end, I liked the results. This here is one of the side walls where we showed the Olivia Headpieces collection and our Rose Gold mini collection.

On the other side, we displayed our new upcoming line: the W label. It's a collection of 15 exclusive and unique pieces to be out starting 2015. That neon W was probably my favourite part. Reminded me or our showroom in Vancouver.

We unveiled our new boxes! From now on, all our order will be delivered in this beautiful drawer boxes. The background picture is the Yoho National Park in our province, BC, Canada. Locate it here. Sure there are plenty of wolves wandering around these beautiful forests!

We're releasing our new 2015 Olivia Headpieces collection next week so, stay tuned! XX!



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