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OLIVIA IN HISTORY // Bridal headpieces around the world

OLIVIA IN HISTORY // Bridal headpieces around the world


Follow us around the world in nine photographs of traditional headpieces from cultures all over the globe.


1. A Yemeni Jewish Bride in heavy, face framing beading 

Photograph by James Stanfield 

2. The traditional Russian kokoshnik 

3. A modern Ethiopian bride in the traditional headdress

Photograph by Joey Kennedy

4. The Wishram Native American bride

Photograph by Edward Curtis

5. A modern bride in the traditional Hawaiian Haku Lei

Photograph by Holladay Photo

6. A Pakistani bridal headpiece is bold in both colour and detail

Photograph by AA Creations

7. The Tsunokakushi is worn by Japanese brides 

Photograph by Takero Kawabata

8. The traditional Norwegian bride wore a crown

9. And of course, the traditional Catholic veil worn by Spanish brides


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