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Not your typical bride - just what we love

Designed and made for the bride that isn't just a bride. For the strong, brave and fearless: for the girl bosses, babes and bad-asses.  

What we love about them:

Founder owner and designer, Katherine Polk, built Houghton NYC on the desire for unpretentious, comfortable and easy luxury that could be owned by any female, any day. (Houghton)
“My friends wear my bridal in their everyday life, but might style it with a leather jacket,” she said. “It doesn’t need to be labeled bridal or ready-to-wear—it’s all the same clothing. Showing the looks on real women drives that point home. They’re just pretty clothes, and it’s about how the girl wears them.” (Vogue)
Her current collection is inspired by the women who inspire her. So much so, that each piece is specific to each of the nine ladies featured in her collection, look book and short film. 
The film is a short documentary about the struggles of being a real woman. These ladies are in the fashion industry, the music industry and the fitness industry.
Scroll through to get a glimpse at  Houghton's Fall 2017 bridal collection, Not your baby.
Watch the full documentary, Houghton Girl (it's only 15 minutes), at the bottom of the page!
All media has been retrieved from Houghton NYC


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