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RANDOM INSPO // A patch for every occasion

RANDOM INSPO // A patch for every occasion
This past weekend, I took a patch embroidery class with El Patcha and Treasures and Travels. Along side good company, good food and good beer, I learned the basics of patch making. Although the class was only a couple of hours, I was hooked and ended up finishing my little bee patch that night (maybe I'll post a picture in a future DIY post).
It is no secret that us here at OTW are well fond of embroidery (as seen in past posts); but don't worry, we'll keep things interesting every single post. We pinky swear. 
I believe there is a patch out there for every kind of love.
Whether it's:
A patch for true love
A patch for lived love
- Okay, we know this is a pin, but wouldn't it make the most adorable patch?
A patch that's got your back
A patch for your bridesmaids (AKA your baddest bitches)
A patch for forgiveness - or not.
A patch for the highest of fashions
via: Vogue
A patch for your valentine(s) (we won't judge)
A patch for that special person in your life. not.
And maybe keep a few of these handy for that unwanted love



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