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RANDOM INSPO // August Babies

RANDOM INSPO // August Babies

Luck would have it that August babies not only have the earthy tone of 
Peridot as their birthstone but also spinel and sardonyx

Spinel, often mistaken for ruby and saphire, was the original birthstone
of August until Peridot was added and became the more popular of the two.
Sardonyx, a layered red-ish rock was later added into August.

As peridot is the most popular gem of the three, we've put together
some inspo for those August babies out there.

PSA: If you are an August baby aren't taking the opportunity to pull of a
Gwyneth Paltrow cyrca 1998's Great Expectations, then you aren't living
your life to the fullest potential.

And better yet, the 2017 Pantone colour of the year makes it magic. ✨

Solange never disappoints via

Green chaise via

Raw Peridot via

The World of Interiors, October 2002. Photo - James Mortimer

Off-White, Resort 2018 via

A few of our favourite things via

Gold peridot ring via

Green door via

Read more on August's peridot here.

Cover photo via


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