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RANDOM INSPO // September Babies

RANDOM INSPO // September Babies

Sapphire is in the corundum family of gemstones along side ruby. 

Although blue is the most popular,
sapphire comes in every colour of the rainbow but red.

We'd like to get a hold of one of these so called "fancy sapphires". 
(check out the padparadscha sapphire 😍)

Fun fact: some sapphires even change colour in different light 

Also known as the Royal Family's favourite gemstone; 
The most loved sapphire is Kate Middleton’s and Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

Read more here if you're as in love as we are.

Melissa Joy Manning 14-karat gold, sapphire and opal earrings

Collage Vintage

Wedding Bells

Vintage Sapphire Bloom Ring

My Wedding

Gavin Gough

Source Unknown

Ellie Saab Fall 2017 Couture 

Cover photo: Sapphire Dream by Jaison Cianelli


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