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WEDDING INSPO // Bridesmaid Favors That Don't Suck

WEDDING INSPO // Bridesmaid Favors That Don't Suck

Via Vogue

As much as any bridesmaid would love (I repeat, LOVE) if their dress was paid for, we all know that it's not always in the brides budget to do so. But when you get chosen  to be a brides go-to lady, party-planner, stylist and sometimes even life-saver, it's nice to receive a token of appreciation. The best bridesmaid gift is something that can be used over and over again; and no, an embroidered 'bridesmaid' robe isn't it. 

Take a look below at 9 bridesmaid gifts that any girl can get behind.

1) The least you could do is pay for their shoes:

Whether you plan on doing the matchy-matchy or just a general theme, your girls will be feeling the love with this one. We recommend a neutral shade or something all of your maids can agree on.

Via Solasophia

2) Or an adorable jacket for the day:

Via Houghton

Via Vogue

3) This handkerchief is a must-have

Via Vogue

4) Cozy socks

Also adorable: Will-you-be-my-bridesmaid?-Hell-yeah socks

Via Urban Outfitters and Bando 

5) A cute patch to show you care:

Even better: sew it onto a cozy crew neck or tee for more subtle "bridesmaid" attire they will defs wear over and over.

Via Little Arrow Studio and Bing Bang NYC

6) A piece of jewelry (they might actually wear again).

For extra best-bride points customize each piece with what your girls will like.

Via Celine and Olivia The Wolf 

7) What girl doesn't love to be pampered?

A yummy scrub, soap, and body oil will be perfect for the night before and will be cherished long after the big day has passed.

Via Anthropology

8) Actually sleep-able PJ's

Via Wild Fox

9) Bonus: Gift Boxes

We love these pre-made gift boxes by Old Joy Gift Boxes and Teak and Twine (and so will your maids)

Via Old Joy Gift Boxes

Via Teak and Twine


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