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FLOWER FRIDAY // Fresh Off The Press

FLOWER FRIDAY // Fresh Off The Press

Nothing makes our creative senses tingle more than other being's creative juices running. Especially when flowers are involved.

We'll admit... we got a little carried away when researching the beautiful creations of others. But the more we looked, the more we found and the more we fell in love with the beauty of pressed flowers. 

See were our mind takes us- and what you can do with the art of pressed flowers.


1. These gorgeous prints by photographer, creative consultant and pressed flower lover, Ida Laerke.

2. Pressed flower collages by Anne Ten Donkerlaar

3. Why measure with any ruler when you can use perfectly placed 1cm pressed flowers 
by Norihiko Terayama.

4. Hand-crafted phone cases by Just b Smiling. These two are exclusively sold on our gift shop!


5. Pressed flowers, gold and copper flakes, and resin... what more could you love in these beautiful jewelry creations by LivinLovin on Etsy

6. Re-create these pressed flower temporary tattoos here. Find more of these photographs by Luana Gabriella on Forever Boho here.

7. Tokyo never seems to let us down in the food category. Find these breathtaking floating pressed flower desserts at Havaro bakery in Tokyo's Ichibangai district. 

8. Make your own pressed flower lolly-pops here.

9. Some may say "Flowers are food, not friends" but we like to think they are both. Find the recipe for these violet shortbread cookies here.

10. Kara's hands covered in temporary tattoos. Find more of this photography here.

11. Beautiful pressed flower candles by Lillin Flame.

12. The works of Jim Hodges "A diary of flowers (in love)," 1996

13. Wrapping with pressed flowers may be the best idea anyone has ever had. Find a DIY for pressed flower paper here or buy it here.

14. This pressed flower Tub Board has been discontinued at Free People but we think it may just be do-able. Do you dare to attempt this DIY?



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