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OLIVIA IN HISTORY // To Gather Orange Blossoms

OLIVIA IN HISTORY // To Gather Orange Blossoms
Although Queen Victoria (featured above) is given credit for the orange blossom wedding movement (Go Vic!), the flower can be traced back in wedding history to first, ancient Greek mythology and then later, in ancient China.
In 1840, Queen Victoria wore orange blossoms in her hair on her wedding day. This gave way to the movement and soon orange blossoms became the staple in 19th century weddings. When the flower was in short supply and expensive for the lower class, wax-made orange blossom flowers and seeds grew in popularity.
Orange blossoms were worn in a bride’s hair, bouquet and cake and in the groom’s boutonnieres. Aside from being a fashion staple, the flowers represented fertility and luck; orange blossoms also depicted wealth and status.
The trend ran well in to the 1950’s until the trend dwindled to a stop. The flowers were worn in Jaqueline Kennedy’s hair when she married JFK in 1953 (featured below).
Because of the growing trend in vintage weddings, the orange blossom is being appreciated once more. Some brides have the luck of finding a vintage piece but they are hard to find. Few remain today and many in a fragile state.
The artisan trade of wax orange blossoms is once again blooming and new creations are gaining popularity. Many designers are giving a modern twist to the traditional style with their own designs.
Here at Olivia's, we absolutely love the simplicity and uniqueness that orange blossoms bring in the present day. The modernized look can be worn to soften an intricate piece or bring sophistication to a simple gown.
You can find our creations in our own shop here, or though our exclusive collection at ASOS here.
If you want to read more into the history or Orange Blossoms you can read on here!
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