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Cotton is known more for its long-standing run in the
fashion industry than it is for its popularity in the wedding world.

Little did we know: this simple flower is bold enough
to be the spotlight floral in any wedding.

We love seeing these sweet blooms used in a cool-toned fall or winter wedding,
Yet, it is easy to use in any atmosphere, and supple enough to have year round.

In a simple arrangement, as a crown, or the room's statement backdrop-
Cotton may just be the underrated sister of Baby's breath.

Scroll through for inspo on this fluffy bloom.

A whole field of cotton // Rebekah + Nick

Mixed with greenery // Alexan Events

A simple bouquet // Cotton Field Bridal Shoot

On the table // Z potrzeby piękna...

The centerpiece // Winter Hues Inspiration

In a vase or two // Rue Mag

Hanging down // Luisa Brimble 

Dreamy Cotton // The Dailys

Cover photo: Style Me Pretty

A bit more inspo via The Pretty Blog: 
Here’s Why Cotton is the Symbol for a Second Wedding Anniversary


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