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RANDOM INSPO // April Babies

RANDOM INSPO // April Babies

It's safe to say that all are envious of April. 

This lucky month gets Diamond as their birth stone. 

It is the hardest material on earth and made purely from compressed carbon. 

Fun fact:
There is a 10 billion-trillion-trillion carat diamond star 50 light years from the earth.
The best part? Her name is Lucy. 

We know what your wish lists look like, April babies. 

Diamond slice ring

Crystal glasses and Carafe

Diamond white skirt

Andrea Belt

A grey theory

Giorgia Tordini

Concrete diamond set

1968: Disco fever

Raw diamond hoops

Glass wedding ispo

Walk on the WIld Side Headband

Copper Diamond Wire Cage

 Find out more about Diamond Crystal Here.


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