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RANDOM INSPO // October Babies

RANDOM INSPO // October Babies

October babies are lucky enough to have two birthstones; Tourmaline and Opal.
Today we are going to stick with opal since its an OTW fave.

Opal is made from Hydrated Silica that seeps into cracks in the rock.
When the water evaporates, it leaves the silica and opal is formed. #science

Opal is known as one of the more colourful gemstones.
The name “opal” originates from the Greek word opallios,
which meant “to see a change in color.” 

Since opal was discovered in Australia around 1850,
the country has produced 95 percent of the world’s supply.
Opal is also mined in Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia, the Czech Republic
and parts of the U.S., including Nevada and Idaho (American Gem Society).

For centuries, people have associated this gem with good luck.
Although in recent history, Opal has been associated with bad luck for
anyone not born in October (especially in weddings).

We would like to put that myth to rest.

Find more on opals here.

Object No. 1 // Olivia the Wolf

Holographic Nail // Asos

Nola Opal Belt // Olivia the Wolf

Object No. 2 // Olivia the Wolf

 Manish Arora Spring 2015 // Vogue

Antique 10K Rose Gold Opal Ring // Wanelo

Holographic Turquoise Foil Wallpaper // Sarah Moffat

Cover photo: Windows Spotlight


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