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RANDOM ISNPO // January Babies

RANDOM ISNPO // January Babies
From greens to oranges to deep reds,

January babies have it almost as good as April babies.

Garnet, is categorized into six different chemical properties that alter the color of the crystal;
Almandine (deep red), Pyrope (bright red), Spessartine (orange), Grossular (yellow), Andradite (yellow-green) and Uvarovite (green).
Most popular being the reds, we've put together a bit of inspiration for those January babies out there. #aesthetic 
Garnet derives from the word 'Pomegranate.' See the resemblance? Via Decorator's Notebook
Giambattista Valli Couture Spring 2017 via Vogue
Through (garnet) coloured glasses via zeroUV
This Strawberry wine cocktail via Mimi Thorrison
The dreamiest of garnet weddings via Junebug 
Foggy watercolour, raw paper and flora, what more could we ask for? Via Jolie and Co
Some cool space stuff happening via Earth Space Circle 
This sweet 16th century ring via Inez Stodel
The perfect coat via La Dolce Vita 
Homemade beet chips via Kumquat
Zuhair Murad Fall 2015 Couture via vogue
The Dauphine garnet ring via Trumpet and Horn
Some sweet berries via With Love and Light
Some cool art via Design Crush

Find out more about Garnet here.


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