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RANDOM INSPO // You wouldn't believe who has the best packaging

RANDOM INSPO // You wouldn't believe who has the best packaging

You want what you can't have // 

For me, that's soap.

and I have so many soaps. so. many. 

It's an allergy thing (like so many things in my life) but I just cant help it; a good smelling soap just gets to me. And when the packaging is as good as the smell... oh boy. 

Find below some lovely soaps in some even lovelier packages.

1) This rainy day soap 

Vice and Velvet  

2) Soapsicles that will make you melt on the spot 

P.S. wouldn't these be the cutest wedding favours?

& Other Stories

3) The classic wrap done just right (those colour tones though)


4) Brown paper packages tied up with string... 

I have no shame when it comes to The Sound of Music.

Plus, the idea of hanging soap out to dry just sounds like a good one.


5) This may just be a concept, but we like it. 

Menzo Men's Soap

6) Loving this brand just as much as their packaging 

Soap + Cinder

7) From the gem shapes to the stitched packages, this French brand knows exactly what the are doing.

Marie Sixtine

8) My love for minimal knows no bounds with this Korean Bath House inspired soap.

Binu Binu


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