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BRIDAL TRENDS // When the Stars Align

BRIDAL TRENDS // When the Stars Align
A celestial wedding is written in the stars;
from the current runway, to top trending posts on social media, this bridal trend practically wrote itself. 
We love everything from the Valentino pumps to the galactic cake- and

We are pretty sure this wedding has to happen. 

Scroll through for some dangerously dreamy inspiration.
And seriously, someone get married so you can make our dreams come true. 

The Dress

And that headpiece (yasss)
Oh Jenny, you've done it again
Emma knows what's up

The Hair

A beautiful constellation of multi-size, light silver stars beaded on a delicate tulle veil.
Rose gold stars, crystal moons, gunmetal accents and the perfect brass flower.

The Earrings


The Make Up

Who said your wedding had to be boring? 

The Lingerie

SJ Lingerie might know us better than we know ourselves

The Shoes

Say no more. 

The Invitations


The Cake


The Backdrop


The Decor 

Celestial Ceilings

Kalinda and Robbie

Puerto Vallarta Wedding

A Peter Pan baby shower for Abi

The Table

Magical, Astronomy Inspired Shoot

A sweet DIY
Why settle for rice when you can have star confeti?
RJ Shaughnessy Photography


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